About us

After gaining 10 years of intensive experience in the abrasives industry, Peter Jöst started his own company in 1981, driven by his personal commitment and innovative ideas. Today, JÖST abrasives is a medium-sized, family-owned company specializing in the development, production and distribution of abrasives and abrasive systems. Close cooperation with users from industry, trade and specialist trade partners has resulted in a comprehensive, practice-oriented product range that is continuously enhanced. Uniquely innovative and patented products are recognized as advantageous problem solutions by experts all over the world. Products from JÖST abrasives make the surface treatment of metals and alloys, wood and wood-based materials, natural and artificial stone, plastics and mineral materials, rubber and coating materials, lacquers and paints much more productive.

With higher availability, longer service lives and shorter machining times, JÖST abrasives pioneering ideas and innovative products make a significant contribution to increasing their customers' productivity. Our company strengths include reliable employees with specialist knowledge and commitment, recognized consulting and quality competence, flexible production processes, sensible storage and stockpiling, adherence to deadlines, a high level of cost efficiency and rapid decision-making. These corporate qualities benefit our customers in the metal, wood, woodworking & plastics processing industries, as well as in the painting and varnishing trades, in vehicle construction, carpentry, interior design – and of course the DIY specialists in the home.

JÖST abrasives has been presented with several reliable system supplier awards by renowned companies. 2016 saw the company receive two important Hessian economic awards: the ""Großer Preis des Mittelstandes (Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Businesses) and the ""Hessen Champion"" in the Innovation category.